Pink and white-sand beaches. Pristine waters. Tiki bars and Murder.

Captain Em Ridge is back. Just a little jaunt to beautiful Eleuthera. Three couples had sailed to Eleuthera. Em just had to ferry the two yachts back to Florida. And Em has help. A newly minted Captain. But one of the six had died here. One remains on the island. Can Em make it to Florida before the hurricane hit? Can she keep herself and the newly minted captain alive? What will it take to survive? What will it take to make it safely home to her little spot in Maine? The Devil to Pay is the third book in the highly acclaimed Em Ridge Mystery Series which began with Night Watch, continued with The Bitter End. The adventure continues for widowed boat captain, Em Ridge.

Like the titles of all of the Em Ridge sailing mysteries, ‘the devil to pay’ is a nautical term. In the old days of boat building, the individual planks of the ship were sealed with a tar. This was called “paying” the seams. The ‘devil’ seam was the curved seam on the underside of the ship, named so, because according to Smyth’s Sailor’s Word Book, paying or tarring this seam was “considered to be a most difficult and unpleasant task.” Paying the devil has come to mean anything unpleasant or difficult to do.

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